Prinz aka Mr. Cloud Master

Welcome to the Ultimate Trading House! My name is Prinz, also known as Mr. Cloud Master. Over the last 6 years, I was self-taught the inner workings of the ichimoku cloud. I have learned many strategies and secrets that are just staring you in the face if you just dare to look at them. 

It took many years of literal face time on the charts for me discover how truly amazing the cloud is. It has everything you need housed within to become a successful trader. Once you learn what each element of the cloud is, you don’t need much else on your chart.

I am a long term trader, however I can and do swing trade, but my favor is to long term because I love being a big pip collector.  Much of my trading style developed over the years has been turned into an algorithm or a robot.  Once I perfect my strategy, I find that having a robot that trades like *I* do, by following all of my trade entry and exit rules, has resulted in me regularly collecting massive pips.

And that is why I have built this website. I know that there are many traders who want to learn how I trade the cloud so that they too can be a pip collector. 

Everything you do in trading takes time, skill and knowledge.  There are no overnight successes because if it were possible, I assure you I would be a billionaire at this point.

So take the time to browse around, check out some of my free tips and resources, and most of all, lets get these pips people!

Yours Truly,
Mr. Cloud Master